What's the best way for brokers and underwriters to access risk? "Look for the Label."

ULC Certificate Label

"The Label" refers to the ULC Certificate. While much of the equipment sold in the security industry is ULC approved for many applications, some insurance companies have very specific requirements in high security applications.

ULC has a series of standards that regulates both the equipment used and the actual application or use. In these instances, a security consultant must do a thorough review of your facility and the requirements of your insurance company.

What is the Significance of the ULC Certificate Label?

The ULC Certificate verifies that the required protection is:

  • In place
  • Up to specification
  • Working properly
  • Under contract to be kept working
  • Subject to ULC follow-up service audit (third-party verification)

The ULC Certificate means:

  • The installation meets the security level specified
  • The equipment meets National Standards of Canada
  • The system is reliably monitored
  • The claims made by the company have the benefits of third-party verification by an ongoing ULC audit