Garage Door Controller

Features and Benefits

ADT Garage Door Controller® includes:

  • Quick and easy for you to installthis new feature works with your current garage door opener.
  • Integrated Services interactifs ADT technologyallows you to set customizable scheduled modes and receive alerts notifying you of garage door activity.
  • Get an extra layer of security- security panel near router sends signals in case keypad near garage entrance has been tampered with or damaged.
  • Includes coverage under ADT Quality Service Plan– Extended Warranty.

What Makes This So Unique

Smart Thinking For Your Real Life

You and your family are always on the go. With ADT Garage Door Controller®, leaving home in a hurry doesn’t have to mean leaving one of its biggest entrances open and exposed.

Smart wireless technology allows your existing garage door opener to communicate directly with ADT Interactive Services. You’ll always get an alert if the door is in use, or has been left open. And you’ll be able to close it without having to come back home.