Home Security Systems

ADT offers your home and family 24 hour home security monitoring from burglary, fire and carbon monoxide dangers while simultaneously monitoring other critical conditions, such as temperature and flood. Using advanced communication technology, we deliver fast, reliable home security services.

Home Security Monitoring

Fast Alarm Service 24/7

Staffed by trained professionals, our centers use advanced technology to deliver fast responses to your home security needs.

Monitored Burglary

Receive 24 hours of protection through ADT’s network of interconnected Monitoring Centres. Our easy-to-use systems offer options including interior and exterior light control, two-way voice capability and a message center.

Fire Monitoring

As soon as an ADT fire or smoke detector signals an alarm, the signal is transmitted to the ADT Customer Monitoring Center and your local fire department is notified – even if you’re not home.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Our detectors will trigger a siren in your home if high levels of this “silent killer” are detected. The ADT Customer Monitoring Centre is also alerted.

Flood Monitoring

ADT flood detectors help protect your home against water damage. Sensors detect rising levels of water in your home that may be caused by a broken pipe or overflowing washer.

Low Temperature Monitor

Monitors the heating and cooling systems in your home, and will notify you if there are dangerously low temperatures in your home, which may cause your pipes to freeze.

Parallel Cellular Connection

Both cellular and traditional phone lines are connected to ADT’s interconnected Monitoring Centres, allowing for two means of communication. This is required when Two-Way Voice is installed.

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Customer Stories

Gilles Jones of Lantier, Quebec

A diabetic who lives alone in Quebec, Gilles Jones had a small oven fire that activated his ADT smoke detector. He then passed out from a diabetic shock. Had ADT not alerted first responders, Mr. Jones believes he would not have survived.