Guard Services

Wouldn't you like to have an experienced, professionally trained security officer at your home if your alarm is triggered? With ADT, you can. The ADT Monitoring Centre dispatches a business security guard to your home to perform a thorough investigation.

Security Guards

ADT alarm response service provides:

  • Trained, professional, uniformed, full-time security officers
  • Licensed and bonded personnel, both field and dispatch
  • ADT marked and fully equipped vehicles
  • One company - integrated knowledge of your system
  • Real-time information on system status from dispatch to conclusion
  • 24 hours, 365 days a year alarm response service

Why should you have ADT respond to your alarms?

  • No need to expose friends, relatives or neighbors
  • Assured Peace of Mind when on holidays or vacations
  • Avoid false fines and suspensions
  • Exterior and interior inspection with written report
  • Secure database
  • On-site lockbox
  • Re-secure your home
  • Provide emergency service access
In the Greater Toronto Area, Security Guard Services are provided by ADT personnel. In other areas at this time, services are provided, under contract, by local certified alarm response companies.