Two-way Voice

ADT's Two-way Voice is an intercom system installed in your home, allowing for two-way communication during an emergency.

Two-way Voice features:

  • Immediate emergency response
  • Two-way voice connection to ADT during an alarm condition
  • Intercom system connects you to an ADT trained professional who can help during an emergency

In addition to having a two-way connection to ADT during an alarm, Two-Way Voice also serves as an intercom system which functions within your home. Your family can enjoy the following features:

  • Intercom: Easy, hands-free conversations between family members through the speaker/microphone stations within the home
  • Telephone/Speakerphone: Answer incoming calls through the speaker/microphone stations within the home – units also support call waiting feature
  • Baby Monitor: Any station can become a baby monitor capable of detecting noises at low levels
  • Front Door Intercom: With the addition of an outdoor station, you can answer the front door without opening it to strangers

How does Two-way Voice Work?

All ADT customers are monitored and protected through the ADT Customer Monitoring Centres – but with Two-Way Voice’s intercom system, you can enhance your emergency response by having direct communication with an ADT trained professional.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An alarm is received by ADT.
  2. An ADT emergency dispatch operator contacts the premises through Two – Way Voice.
  3. Homeowner responds to ADT through the speaker/intercom station in their home.
  4. In the event of an emergency, ADT will stay on the line and talk to the homeowner until the authorities arrive.