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Wendy Haughian, Washington

Wendy Haughian - Customer Stories

Wendy Haughian has been an ADT customer since 1996 and is grateful that ADT and a quick response from police helped protect her from an attack. It was around 3:30 p.m. on the afternoon of October 18, 2013 when Wendy heard the door bell ring several times, despite the no soliciting sign. Home alone, she ignored the door bell and continued napping in her bedroom. A minute or two later, she then heard a loud noise at the back of her house as glass shattered from a sliding glass door. She ran out of her room and pushed the fire button on the keypad which activated an audible alarm and call from Phillip Olmsted at the Rochester Call Center. > Phillip immediately called Wendy and she reported that there was an intruder and to call police. She stayed in her room with the door locked until the police officers arrived. They did a search and determined the perpetrator had run away, most likely deterred by the sound of the alarm. Without the help, Wendy believes she could have been hurt.