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Amy Steffens, Indianpolis

Smoke Detectors Customer Stories

The Steffens family of Indianapolis were sound asleep on the night of September 10, 2013 when a heat detector in their garage activated and woke them up.

A few seconds later, Amy Steffens got a phone call from Sherry Broyles in the Knoxville monitoring center. During the brief call, Amy reported that she and her husband, Tim, had heard something but couldn't figure out where it was coming from and never smelled smoke. When Amy opened the garage door, she discovered the flames and screamed and hung up the phone because her two children were sleeping in a room next to the garage. She and her husband quickly escaped with two-year old Parker and six-year-old Ella.

The fire started in a trash can with combustible materials placed on the outside wall of the garage. The fire quickly spread and created flames in the garage which activated the heat detector.

They credit ADT and the Wayne Township Fire Department for helping save their lives and their home.