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Real customer stories

Real customers share their stories of how ADT professionals helped save their lives.

Alli F.'s story

"My husband used to work out of town and being home alone with my newborn was nerve wracking. Getting our ADT system set up helped me have peace of mind so the only thing keeping me awake at night was my son!"


- Alli F., Calgary, AB

Andre L.'s story

"Our children have special needs. In the event of a fire, carbon monoxide gas leak or robbery or any situation in which we could not help them, ADT offers security in knowing emergency responders would be dispatched to rescue our boys. Also, knowing we would be alerted if they tried to wander off to go exploring during the night gives us peace of mind."


– Andre L., Nepean, ON

Andrea R.'s story

"ADT was there for me in January when I was attacked in my home. I managed to break free and push the emergency button. Police and ambulance were sent to my home.


For three days following the assault, ADT called to check on me. I’m very grateful and pleased with the company.


Thank you, ADT!"


– Andrea R.

Barb W.'s story

"NOTHING is more important than our family. Each and every day - whether we are home or away, I know that those I love are protected by our ADT Security System."


– Barb W., Toronto, ON

Brent S.'s story

"It gives peace of mind knowing there is always someone watching over our house, ensuring it is safe and protected while we are away. Anytime I need to call their support staff, they always treat my concerns with priority and understanding."


– Brent S., Vancouver, BC

Camilla Narayan E.'s story

"With crime on the rise, I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing my home is safe when I'm away. And, most importantly, that I am safe when I am home, and that my property is protected."

– Camilla Narayan E., Edmonton, AB

Diane D.'s story

" I was pregnant at the time when my family has experienced a break in. My 4 year old stepson and I were terrified to go home for weeks after. Then we had the alarm system installed and we finally felt safe again." 


– Diane D., Seba Beach, AB

Diane S.'s story

" I won’t be without ADT, especially for when we are away. We have experienced a robbery in the past, it was a horrible experience, and I immediately looked for a security system. Since then (1999) we have had a system in every home and will never be without one again." 


– Diane S., Cranbrook, BC

Esther T.'s story

"The fire truck was there within three minutes. I was impressed! I had an overflow of some fat on the stove and there was a lot of smoke all of a sudden, and the alarms went off blaring!


I had time to open up one window, and then I had to get out of the house.


It could have been much worse! Thank you, ADT, for perfect response time!"

JL O.'s story

" We love the service and protection that ADT gives. We just moved to our new house in December and being in an unfamiliar area I know ADT has our backs." 


– JL O., Maple Ridge, BC

Judi H.'s story

"Love the camera installed with my system so I can check on my dogs anytime, anywhere by using the app on my phone!"


– Judi H., Clairmont, AB

Judy C.'s story

"A few years ago, I put some chicken bones on the stove to boil up for chicken stock in the morning, then proceeded to leave the house for the day never thinking about it again. Our ADT link to the fire department saved our pets' lives and our house and I am forever grateful. We will never be without ADT."

– Judy C., Sherwood Park, AB

Julie G.'s story

"I no longer need to worry about house keys getting lost or forgotten… We each have our own code, even the cleaners! I know who comes and goes all the time!"


– Julie G., Montreal, QC

Larry G.’s story

"When supper boiled over, the smoke alarm went off.


I got a call within seconds and I put the person on speaker while I dealt with the situation.


It reassures me that the protocol for responding to an alarm is fast!"

Laura L.'s story

"I was baking cookies on the main floor of my house. I got a phone call and was sidetracked. Went to the second floor to chat and forgot all about baking the cookies!

Next thing I knew was the sound of a fire truck. I looked out the window. They were at my house! I went downstairs and found the house engulfed in smoke! I went outside to meet the firemen.

I didn’t realize the cookies were burnt to a crisp and I could have been trapped upstairs by fire. My ADT smoke detector alerted the fire department!"

Maddie W.'s story

"ADT helped keep us safe by sending us an alert that our house was too cold, so we knew our furnace had broken down. We were away and were able to get a repair service in before our pipes froze! Thanks ADT!"


– Maddie W., Ottawa, ON

Maria C.'s story

"My husband leaves to go to work very early in the morning, while it is still dark. My ADT system makes me feel better knowing the alarm is on and we are protected in case of intruders. When my kids stay home alone I always tell them to turn on the alarm as this always makes me feel better, too."


– Maria C., Mississauga, ON

Marie M.'s story

"The feature I love best about the service is the fire detector. We have 2 cats and so it’s important if there’s any sign of a fire that someone can come quickly and our cats are kept safe. I love that ADT has cat-friendly features as part of the service so that our cats can roam freely without worrying about them setting off the alarm."


– Marie M., Hamilton, ON

Marie-Laure C.'s story

"I have peace of mind thanks to my ADT alarm system, and I can also check-in remotely! It’s so great!"


– Marie-Laure C., Montreal, QC

Nadia G.'s story

"ADT gives my whole family peace of mind that we are safe. We live on a very dark street and it helps me sleep at night knowing that my children are safe. Last spring, our alarm rang because our sump pump wasn’t working. ADT alerted us to water damage in our basement. Thank you ADT for your excellent customer service, not once did I have an issue when I called."


– Nadia G., Saint-Lazare, QC

Niloo M.'s story

"My son has autism and he gets up at night to sneak food he is not supposed to have and takes it outside to eat so he does not get caught...


So my husband and I were staying up late to make sure he was asleep before we could sleep (of course, we were tired the next day at work). This went on for a while until we were just exhausted. So we decided to get ADT!


It only took twice and my son realized he can’t go out as the alarm goes off if he opens the door. Now we can go to sleep with a peace of mind that he is safe at night.


Thank you, ADT!"

Rhonda B.'s Story

"I just wanted to share a story where I was extremely pleased to have ADT as our security provider.


Last Friday, June 9th, the power went off at 3:45am due to a storm. At 4:15 am, our alarm went off because the sump alarm that reports moisture did its job! It woke me up and I immediately went down to check.


I was able to start manually bailing out the sump and prevented our basement from flooding. A house down the street wasn’t so lucky.


This instance alone has proved to me the value of having ADT help secure our home!"

Rose D.'s story

"We enjoy having peace of mind when we stay home at night. We have just recently begun to use it every night since we went through a home burglary, while we were asleep in our bed! Also, as a grandparent with grandchildren who know how to unlock the front and back doors, it affords us additional security. Thanks, ADT."


– Rose D., Ottawa, ON

Shahina H.'s story

"ADT gives me the peace of mind to relax and get a good night’s sleep with my family in our home. It also gives me the chance to enjoy my vacation when I am away from home knowing that there is a team of professionals who are looking out for my home. I love ADT because they are fast to respond and have always been able to provide unbeatable products to customize my home protection!"


- Shahina H., Edmonton, AB

Sylvie A.'s story

"On New Year’s Eve day, ADT alerted the fire department when our CO levels were over 250 ppm.


All our other CO monitors failed and we didn’t smell a thing. Thank you, ADT! You may have saved our lives!"

Debra F.'s story

"With all the windstorms lately our power was going on and off a lot. Thanks to ADT's backup power, we didn’t even need to worry about our system being offline!"


- Debra F., London, ON

Courtney S.'s story

"I have been with ADT for several years - got it when I bought my first (and only) house. It helps me feel safe and secure, especially when I come home late at night after a long day at work. I don't worry about intruders or fire as I know ADT has that covered. It gives me peace of mind and my family comfort. Thanks ADT!"


-Courtney S., Kitchener, ON

Nisa H.'s story

"This is such an excellent source of peace and comfort for me and my family. I can safely leave my special needs son and feel comfortable and secured about it. Without my ADT security system, I would have had to quit my job in order to have this sense of security. Thank you ADT."


- Nisa H., Brampton, ON

Laura L.'s story

"I quickly smelled the burning and saw the smoke, then opened the outside door to the house and was met by firemen! They were responding to the fire alarm at my house! The firemen came in and checked everything out; just burnt cookies and a LOT of smoke!"


- Laura L., Winnipeg, MB

Shelly M.'s story

"My ADT alarm has saved us twice in 4 years! We have a high water table where we are and our sump pump failed. The sensor in the basement detected the water and alerted us immediately! It saved us thousands of dollars in potential damage and repairs."


- Shelly M., Teulon, MB

Roxane's story

"The ability to lock and unlock my doors from work when people need to stop by our house is amazing!"


- Roxane, Woodlands, MB

Linda P.'s story

"Having ADT Security has made me feel secure while raising a young family as a single mom. Later as my family grew I felt safe on my own and the company was always very supportive when being contacted and they offered information needed to keep me up to date."


- Linda P., Moncton, NB

Shirley's story

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort throughout the years of knowing that when we are away on trips, we are well protected. We look forward to many more years of confident living. Thank you, ADT Canada.”


- Shirley, Corner Brook, NL

Rose's story

"We have had our security system for over 7 years. We have 2 pets and were always worried that someone would break in or there would be a fire while we were away. Now we go knowing that ADT is watching over them. Our pets are our family and mean the world to us. Thanks ADT!"


- Rose, Kensington, PE

Jennifer's story

“The moment I realized ADT made my life safer was when my home was almost broken into. I had set the alarm and was about a 5-minute drive away when my email notified me of an intrusion. I turned around and drove back to find someone running into the woods. The basement window was wide open. Since then, I fully trust this service.”


- Jennifer, Christmas Island, NS

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