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Real customer stories

Real customers share their stories of how ADT professionals helped save their lives.

Esther T.'s story

"The fire truck was there within three minutes. I was impressed! I had an overflow of some fat on the stove and there was a lot of smoke all of a sudden, and the alarms went off blaring!


I had time to open up one window, and then I had to get out of the house.


It could have been much worse! Thank you, ADT, for perfect response time!"

Judy C.'s story

"A few years ago, I put some chicken bones on the stove to boil up for chicken stock in the morning, then proceeded to leave the house for the day never thinking about it again. Our ADT link to the fire department saved our pets' lives and our house and I am forever grateful. We will never be without ADT."

– Judy C., Sherwood Park, AB

Larry G.’s story

"When supper boiled over, the smoke alarm went off.


I got a call within seconds and I put the person on speaker while I dealt with the situation.


It reassures me that the protocol for responding to an alarm is fast!"

Laura L.'s story

"I was baking cookies on the main floor of my house. I got a phone call and was sidetracked. Went to the second floor to chat and forgot all about baking the cookies!

Next thing I knew was the sound of a fire truck. I looked out the window. They were at my house! I went downstairs and found the house engulfed in smoke! I went outside to meet the firemen.

I didn’t realize the cookies were burnt to a crisp and I could have been trapped upstairs by fire. My ADT smoke detector alerted the fire department!"

Marie M.'s story

"The feature I love best about the service is the fire detector. We have 2 cats and so it’s important if there’s any sign of a fire that someone can come quickly and our cats are kept safe. I love that ADT has cat-friendly features as part of the service so that our cats can roam freely without worrying about them setting off the alarm."


– Marie M., Hamilton, ON

Laura L.'s story

"I quickly smelled the burning and saw the smoke, then opened the outside door to the house and was met by firemen! They were responding to the fire alarm at my house! The firemen came in and checked everything out; just burnt cookies and a LOT of smoke!"


- Laura L., Winnipeg, MB

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