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Real customer stories

Real customers share their stories of how ADT professionals helped save their lives.

Camilla Narayan E.'s story

"With crime on the rise, I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing my home is safe when I'm away. And, most importantly, that I am safe when I am home, and that my property is protected."

– Camilla Narayan E., Edmonton, AB

Diane D.'s story

" I was pregnant at the time when my family has experienced a break in. My 4 year old stepson and I were terrified to go home for weeks after. Then we had the alarm system installed and we finally felt safe again." 


– Diane D., Seba Beach, AB

Diane S.'s story

" I won’t be without ADT, especially for when we are away. We have experienced a robbery in the past, it was a horrible experience, and I immediately looked for a security system. Since then (1999) we have had a system in every home and will never be without one again." 


– Diane S., Cranbrook, BC

JL O.'s story

" We love the service and protection that ADT gives. We just moved to our new house in December and being in an unfamiliar area I know ADT has our backs." 


– JL O., Maple Ridge, BC

Maria C.'s story

"My husband leaves to go to work very early in the morning, while it is still dark. My ADT system makes me feel better knowing the alarm is on and we are protected in case of intruders. When my kids stay home alone I always tell them to turn on the alarm as this always makes me feel better, too."


– Maria C., Mississauga, ON

Rose D.'s story

"We enjoy having peace of mind when we stay home at night. We have just recently begun to use it every night since we went through a home burglary, while we were asleep in our bed! Also, as a grandparent with grandchildren who know how to unlock the front and back doors, it affords us additional security. Thanks, ADT."


– Rose D., Ottawa, ON

Courtney S.'s story

"I have been with ADT for several years - got it when I bought my first (and only) house. It helps me feel safe and secure, especially when I come home late at night after a long day at work. I don't worry about intruders or fire as I know ADT has that covered. It gives me peace of mind and my family comfort. Thanks ADT!"


-Courtney S., Kitchener, ON

Nisa H.'s story

"This is such an excellent source of peace and comfort for me and my family. I can safely leave my special needs son and feel comfortable and secured about it. Without my ADT security system, I would have had to quit my job in order to have this sense of security. Thank you ADT."


- Nisa H., Brampton, ON

Shirley's story

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort throughout the years of knowing that when we are away on trips, we are well protected. We look forward to many more years of confident living. Thank you, ADT Canada.”


- Shirley, Corner Brook, NL

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