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Thanks to access control, you can now manage employee
and visitor access within your business.

Seamless control throughout your business.


Having the ability to limit unauthorized entry to your business is just one of the benefits of access control systems. Knowing you can help to protect your employees and business against damage, theft, or potential harm may be a benefit you can't put a price tag on.


Whether your business has only one way access or multiple entry points, access control security systems are scalable and can be customized to fit your business and security needs.


The ability to control and manage access to your business is critical to the safety of your employees and customers. That’s why ADT’s Access Control Solutions go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. With ADT, you can:


  • Effectively monitor and manage access to confidential information, high-value equipment and other secure areas

  • Manage employee access privileges with user levels or timeframes

  • Maintain an audit trail into business operations with activity reports by time of day, event or exception parameters

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