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5 simple tips to grow your business

It’s always a good time to reflect on what could make your company more proactive, productive and profitable. Here are 5 quick tips, and actions you can take, to help your business grow.

1. Look beyond new customer acquisition.

The fastest way to increase your sales is to sell more to your existing clients.1 Past customers are more likely to try new products and spend more than new clients. Also, acquiring new clients is 5 to 25 times more expensive.2 Keep your brand foremost in the minds of your customers by regularly contacting them about your products and services.
Action: Use letters, email, texting and social media to keep your clients informed, up-to-date and ready to upgrade to your latest offers.

2. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.

Since selling to past customers is so profitable, how does your Customer Service department or Online Support desk treat them? Is it easy for them to get information or help? Every time your company interacts with a customer with a complaint – even if it seems unreasonable – is your #1 opportunity to create a satisfied long-term client. What’s the alternative? Dissatisfied customers write bad reviews that can spread like a virus online. Your reputation precedes you. Make it a good one through customer care.

Action: Appoint some of your best people to enhance the experience of your “gold” customers through better Customer Service and Online Support.

3. Stay fresh!

Get out of the office, away from the factory or store… give yourself a break to refresh and stimulate new ideas about your business. Canada’s legendary Marshall McLuhan said: “We don’t know who discovered water, but we’re sure it wasn’t a fish.”3 Sometimes you need to get away from your day-to-day environment to see your company in a different light. Focus on your goals, what’s important to you, and where you see you and your company in 5-10-20 years.
Action: This summer, get away and relax. It will do you a world of good.

4. Control loss.

In the past decade, theft by Canadian employees has been increasing. “On average, employees steal about $2,500 in cash or goods from their employer before they're caught... On average, customers steal about $175.”4 Employees are in a position to steal money, product and time. An ADT access control system can verify if employees are arriving and leaving on time and that only certain employees can access parts of your premises that are off-limits to others. ADT video surveillance can ensure employees are being productive and that their activities do not include theft!
Action: Track where thefts occur and ensure cameras are also placed in blind spots where employees may be hidden from view.

5. Maximize the benefits of video surveillance.

An ADT video surveillance system offers your business so much more than simply a way to record illegal activities as they occur. Video surveillance can be a crime deterrent: make cameras visible to employees and customers and support that message with signage. View and review workplace safety issues to help protect employees, suppliers and clients. Record all interactions between management, employees, suppliers and customers. Resolve conflicts: find out what’s going on in your business that may be detrimental to morale, productivity and employee attrition.
Action: Take control. Video surveillance can be monitored by you from your smartphone, tablet or computer, whether at work, at home, or on the road, or by experienced ADT personnel from our monitoring stations.

For more information about how ADT can help you attain your business goals through improved security, contact one of our experts at 888.ADT.ASAP today!

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