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Best employees going on vacation this summer?

When your best employees go on vacation, temporary employees are often brought on board to fill the gap. This can result in new security concerns.


If your new hires don’t know the location, function and procedures of your security system, they could trigger false alarms and incur fines for your company.


To help prevent these unnecessary inconveniences and costs, we have simple tips for you. Take a few moments to review them now to ensure that your business runs smoothly this summer...

Train employees

  • Employees should be given the necessary training as to which doors to use upon entering and exiting, as well as which passcodes or system arming codes are required for their use. Everyone needs to know the placement and function of all alarms, so they do not unknowingly set them off.

  • Ensure all employees are aware of any changes to the system such as updates to the system passcode.

  • Remind employees not to block motion detectors with signs or balloons, as hanging objects like these can move when the system is armed and trigger a motion alarm.

  • Make sure all doors and windows are tightly closed when the system is armed.

Advise ADT when authorized users change

  • Call us at 888.ADT.ASAP if there are any changes to the list of employees authorized to use the system.

Cancel false alarms

  • If a false alarm is triggered, you should immediately cancel the alarm by entering a valid user code. This way, we will not dispatch emergency services when an alarm is cancelled.

Upgrade to interactive services

  • If you’d rather not leave arming and disarming to temporary employees who may not have the same level of training and familiarity with the alarm system, it might be the perfect time to upgrade to ADT interactive business security solutions. Interactive services allow you to take control by remotely arming and disarming your system, right from your smartphone, from virtually anywhere!

  • ADT remote video surveillance can be used to peer in to the business and allow you to validate the nature of the alarm and decide whether the police should be dispatched.


You can take additional preventative action to help avoid false alarms while protecting your safety and your company’s security by subscribing to ADT’s Guard Response Service.


With Guard Response Service, when a burglar alarm sounds, a trained, professional guard will visit your premises to determine the cause.


If the guard sees signs of a break-in, such as shattered glass or a broken door, they’ll alert first responders.

If there are no signs of a break-in, the police will not be dispatched – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in false alarm fines and inconveniences! Best of all, you can get the added security of Guard Service for just pennies a day! Take steps now to enjoy your summer worry-free… call us today at 888.ADT.ASAP to learn more.