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Preventing fires in the workplace


Helping to keep your business safe is our business


It’s costly enough to run a business in today’s world. No one wants to think their profits could literally go up in smoke. Yet, every year, workplace fires cause injury and property loss, leaving business owners devastated, if not decimated. If a fire should occur in your place of business, would you know what to do?

More to the point: are you doing everything you can to reduce the risk of fire and keep your employees, assets and bottom line secure and free from liability?


Gone are the days when having a few fire extinguishers strategically placed in your establishment was enough. Employers have a responsibility to keep employees safe. Your workplace fire safety plan should cover fire prevention and protocols.


Fire prevention


Fire prevention:

  • Ensure electrical equipment is in good condition.

  • Avoid overloading circuits or using extension cords.

  • Use approved power bars.

  • Leave space for air to circulate around equipment that gives off heat.

  • Ensure heaters and fans are shut off before exiting the building.

  • Keep storage areas, stairways and landings clear of waste, empty cartons, dirty rags and other material that could fuel a fire.

  • Keep combustible materials at a safe distance from heat sources.






Fire protocols:

  • Ensure electrical equipment is in good condition.

  • All employees should be aware of emergency exits and safety protocols. In the summer, temporary staff should be trained on the very first day of employment.

  • Communicate and test a safe and orderly way for employees to evacuate the building (do not use elevators, but rather exit stairwells).


What to do if a smoke detector sounds / a fire breaks out:

  • Alert all staff.

  • Close all doors behind you when exiting to confine the fire.

  • Gather at a predetermined “safe spot” away from the building.


The key to fire safety, of course, is prevention and the easiest, most cost-efficient way to ensure your business is better protected from the ravages of fire is with a monitored smoke detector.



Insurance companies may offer discounted rates to businesses with a monitored smoke detector. Monitored smoke detectors can help prevent substantial loss in situations where a non-monitored smoke detector simply cannot. A fire can rob you of valuables like office furniture, inventory, computers and data and, above all, the lives and safety of you and your employees. ADT monitored smoke and heat detectors utilize the latest technology, ensuring they will sound at the first signs of a fire. We offer 24/7 professional monitoring, whether you are at your place of business or not, even during power failures. If necessary, we will dispatch emergency service, including paramedics, so that vital first response help is on its way, without delay.

Don’t risk the lives of your customers and employees. Don’t leave yourself open to the devastating financial loss that a workplace fire may cause. CALL 888.ADT.ASAP to talk to one of our business security experts about monitoring your business for smoke and fire for just pennies a day.