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Using video surveillance to help improve your business

As a business owner, you undoubtedly know that video surveillance is an effective deterrent to theft. But are you maximizing video surveillance to improve your business… and your bottom line?

There are a number of reasons to utilize video surveillance for more than curbing internal and external theft: from helping boost employee productivity and safety to resolving workplace conflicts, improving retail traffic flow and customer interactions.

By monitoring, storing and reviewing your on-site video surveillance you can alter the way you do business for the better.

Monitoring employee productivity and safety
It’s no secret that employees work more efficiently when they know they are being monitored. By storing and reviewing video footage, you can identify exactly where employees need to improve their performance (and offer help and an action plan to assist them). You can also ensure that employees are adhering to safety rules or that an area you are monitoring is set-up for maximum safety.

Equipment monitoring
By monitoring equipment use, you can easily detect equipment that needs repair or is being operated in an unsafe manner.

Maintain cost-effective staffing
Because employees, supervisors and managers cannot be everywhere at once, your video surveillance cameras can monitor productivity and business activity around-the-clock without you hiring additional personnel. In the same vein, when you monitor your business, you can see if you are overstaffing during certain times/days and cut labor costs by adjusting work schedules.

Resolving conflicts
Sexual harassment and bullying is up in the workplace. In a Government of Canada survey, 75% of survey respondents who had experienced harassment, sexual harassment or violence reported an incident, yet 41% of them stated that no attempt was made to resolve the issue.[1]  Often this is not neglect on the part of the employer, but perhaps an avoidance of wading into waters where it is one person’s word against the other. By employing video surveillance, a business owner could avoid or resolve workplace conflicts that have detrimental effects on morale, productivity and more.

Traffic patterns
A customer enters a retail location. As they move through the establishment, they stop at various points to examine and choose merchandise. Is your store set-up to make the most of the traffic flow pattern by offering the right merchandise at the right location? By reviewing video surveillance, you can adjust product placement and impulse buys to maximize your profits.

With ADT video surveillance for businesses you benefit from a wide variety of features to help you maximize your profits including:

  • High definition IP video quality
  • Video analytic and event alerts
  • Smart mode for analyzing video in frame-by-frame detail
  • User-friendly web and mobile app interface
  • Smart network recorders to store, review and analyze
  • Remote web viewing to access real-time and recorded clips

Take video surveillance to the next level. Work smarter, not harder and let us help you make your business grow.

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