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Anti-skimming solutions from ADT: Petroleum & Banking industries

Help safeguard your customer’s card data, your brand and your reputation.

Petroleum Industry

Credit and debit card skimming are on the rise and continue to evolve. They have become a real threat to retail and wholesale businesses in the petroleum industry. The truth is that EMV transition does not eliminate card data theft because the mag strip is still present on the cards. 

Banking Industry 

ATM skimming is a major threat to bank ATM’s and businesses with unattended payment terminals (UPTs). Skimming is on the rise and continues to evolve. The truth is that EMV transition does not eliminate card data theft or ATM skimming.

The solution?

A stand-alone anti-skimming device from ADT that incorporates both detection and jamming technology for maximum protection and card data safety.

ADT’s anti-skimming solution provides

  • Security

    Dual action protection against detection and jamming.

  • Differenciation

    ADT’s anti-skimming solution is a stand-alone product with photo-sensing detection technology (dual sensors).

  • Versatility

    ADT offers an anti-skimming jamming solution that is compatible with all major petroleum card readers. ADT’s anti-skimming solution is deployable on both retail and wholesale card readers. For the banking industry, we offer a solution compatible with all major OEM-ATM brands including NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hyosung and Triton.

  • Value

    Liability, reputation and brand damage aside, preventing a single skimming attack more than justifies using ADT’s premier anti-skimming solution.

Technical product details

  • Detection

    Dual (Infrared + Ambient Light) Photo-Sensing Detection Technology makes ADT’s anti-skimming solution one of the most sophisticated anti-skimming devices in the market today. The dual sensors detect foreign objects, sense light, reflection and movement and help with the self-calibration needed to avoid false alarms commonly associated with electro-magnetic sensors that pick up disturbances from cell phones, jewelry and other metal objects. ADT’s anti-skimming solution runs a 5-cycle verification process to determine the presence of a potential skimmer, all while jamming and protecting the customer’s card data.

  • Jamming

    Instant Randomized Frequency Jamming upon detection of an unknown object in or around the bezel. The randomized jamming signals scramble both the clock (timing) and the card data itself, thus incapacitating the card-reading capabilities of the skimmer.

  • Communication

    Dry contacts relay to alarm panel with optionality for integrated or third-party monitoring software and GSM functionality.

  • Data logging 

    Optionality for Device Status Logs.


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