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The best business security is now at your Command

Running a successful business is not for the faint of heart. With 101 things to think about, security is a primary concern. Fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, external and internal theft are the unfortunate realities that come with being your own boss.


But now, your company’s security, safety and ultimate control is all at your command with the new ADT Command system for business. This latest innovation from ADT, Canada’s most trusted name in security, offers the most complete, adaptable and easy-to-use automated business security solution.

Smart security, a custom-fit for YOUR business.

ADT Command helps you create automated business security that meets your company’s unique needs. Utilize temperature control and monitoring for equipment. Set up automations, like dimming lights when you close, controlling employee access to different zones during certain hours, and more. Create “scenes” that will automate a series of smart features. For example, create an “opening” scene that will disarm your business security system, unlock doors, turn on lights, and adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature. More than just security, ADT Command equals comfort and convenience for today’s business owner.

Meet the centre of your automated universe.

The ADT Command panel is a small and powerful business dynamo. The sleek 7-inch wireless touchscreen panel is packed with smart capabilities and endless possibilities. It features battery back-up in case of a power outage and built-in LTE to communicate with ADT, even if your network is down. It’s designed to control your entire security system and peripheral devices, conveniently and all in one place. Quite simply, it’s Command central for your business, whether you’re on site or on the road. When you’re away, remote accessing your entire system with our Control app is quick and easy. Arm or disarm your business security system and control your thermostat, lights and door locks from anywhere.

Really smart. Really simple.


If you’re a business owner who loves cutting-edge technology, you are going to love ADT Command. This business security system was designed for everyone to use. With ADT Command, you no longer have to be a tech whiz to automate your business security and everyday functions. It’s now easier than ever to integrate automations and smart devices to make your business run more smoothly, and more cost effectively. As Canada’s largest provider of smart security, we have listened to our business customers, and ensured the ADT Command system will be both simple to use and easy on your business budget. We’ve even added how-to videos right in your ADT Command panel, because we know how valuable your time is.

Let’s talk about tech.


The ADT Command system helps ensure your company’s privacy with the advanced SiX™ two-way encryption technology. It provides a double-secure and stable connection for all your devices, a longer battery life, as well as intuitive troubleshooting. Multiple wireless solutions can be used, so system setup and fit is a snap. Plus, there are security safeguards you will really appreciate. For example, ADT Command stores photos, on your panel only, of everyone who has disarmed your system. The photos can be sent to your phone, enabling you to verify that only authorized users have accessed your system. This keeps you in control for the ultimate peace of mind.

Keeping an eye on your business… always.


Video surveillance is critical for business. From monitoring cash registers to studying customer traffic and flow, you can now scroll through live or recorded feeds at your leisure – from your smart video cameras to your computer, tablet, smartphone, even your smart watch. So, you can always keep one smart eye on your business, even when you’re enjoying some well-deserved downtime.

Geo-fencing business applications.


Geo-fencing, or creating a virtual, dynamic fence around your company, is flexible and practical…both in terms of securing your location and other more creative applications. Examples are countless, but uses may include a warehouse application for notifications when trucks enter the geo fence. This way, workers can be ready and waiting at the loading dock.

Why smart automation should be in your company’s future.


ADT Command makes business automation simple with internet-connected devices and remote monitoring. Your Command panel was created to allow you to seamlessly add components. It’s the all-in-one business automation solution that can include:

  • Panic button that instantly alerts your ADT monitoring centre if you or an employee is in danger.
  • Motion sensors to help detect intruders.
  • Smart thermostat for comfort, energy and cost savings that can really add up.
  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors connected to our monitoring centres.
  • Smart lights to help keep you secure and save energy.
  • Access control to inhibit internal theft.
  • Video surveillance to curb retail shrink, improve employee-customer interactions, and track retail customer traffic patterns.

Always there, always alert, always at your service.


When an alarm sounds at your business, every second counts. With two-way voice technology, our monitor centres can contact you and verify a break-in, robbery or assault without delay. An operator can inform intruders that they have been detected and hear what’s going on to communicate to the authorities. If a burglar attempts to prevent your Command panel from sending an emergency signal, rest assured Command’s “crash and smash” technology guarantees your system will still work, even if the panel is destroyed.

ADT trained professionals will come to your business and set up the ADT Command panel for you, integrating all your devices into your system. They can test everything to ensure it is working properly and guide you, so you are ready to use it for your business security and automation on day one.


To learn more about ADT Command and how it can help you keep your business safe and productive, call 888 ADT.ASAP today.


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