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Video analytics at ADT

Remember when video surveillance was just that? Video. Someone would sit in a booth for hours on end, eyeing several security feeds at once - hoping to catch suspicious activity. Well, those days are officially gone.


Video Analytics uses software to monitor your video footage around the clock. Now you retrieve evidence quickly and trigger alarms when needed, reducing the workload for your security team and making your video surveillance more efficient than ever before.


Smart surveillance is the new surveillance

Video analytics act as the ‘brains’ of your security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to footage. This in turn enables your network of video cameras to understand what they’re seeing and alert you to any potential threats the moment they happen.


Enhanced with different video analytics algorithms, Intelligent Video Analytics can differentiate between genuine security breaches and known false triggers such as snow, wind, or rain. This ensures that costly false alarms are minimized and you’re free to focus on what is most relevant to your business.


Advanced tasks designed to make your life easier

When you consider that less than 1% of data is ever used – and 90% of screen activity is missed after just 20 minutes – focusing on what’s relevant is more important than ever. Imagine a system where advanced tasks like multiple line crossing, loitering, crowd density estimation, and people counting come standard.


More specifically, Video Analytics offers:

  • People tracking, e.g. for indoor people counting
  • Standard tracking, e.g. for intrusion detection
  • People counting and loitering monitoring for retail stores
  • Museum mode, e.g. for asset protection


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