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Alarms, Permits and Bylaws

Do I require a municipal alarm permit for my alarm system?

It depends on your municipality. Click here to get the bylaws and permit information.

ADT Personal Identification Code (PIC)

How can I store my ADT Personal Identification Code (PIC) safely?

In case of an alarm, an entry/exit outside the authorized schedule (for Commercial customers) or a system test, you need to call the ADT Monitoring Centre and identify yourself with the phone number where your ADT system is installed, and your Personal Identification Code (PIC).


For an easy way to remember your PIC, download this handy form and fill it out with your information. You can then email or print it to keep on hand should any emergencies arise.


Tip: You can also share your PIC safely with family members or employees using the form above.

Stickers and Lawn Signs

How do I order new stickers or lawn signs?

We would be happy to send you stickers and lawn signs! ADT stickers and lawn signs are a strong deterrent against would-be intruders because they show that you are protected by Canada’s #1 home security provider. To order new stickers or lawn signs, please complete the Contact Form and select “Technical Support” from the drop-down menu. Please note we only send stickers and lawn signs to ADT customers.


Does your alarm device or system panel show a low battery condition?

ADT offers several battery replacement options, including self-service choices. Our “Battery Replacement Direct Ship” option allows you to order replacement batteries and have them shipped directly to your address. Our “Battery Replacement Pick Up” option gives you the opportunity to have the replacement batteries conveniently ready for pick up at one of our sales and service office locations. Remember, before installing your new battery, be sure to call us at 888.ADT.ASAP to put your system on test mode.

How do I change my backup power supply battery?

Information on changing these batteries is listed here. Please look for your system and download the instructions. If you do not see your system listed here, or if you have questions about changing your backup battery, please contact us at 888.ADT.ASAP.


IMPORTANT: Please call us at 888.ADT.ASAP when you are changing your batteries as this may send a system tamper signal to our monitoring centres.

How do I change the batteries in my wireless device?

To change the battery on your wireless device, refer to the Wireless Device Battery PDF. If you do not see your wireless device listed here, please call us at 888.ADT.ASAP and select option 2, “To test your system or to report trouble with your alarm panel”.

How do I know if my backup power supply battery needs to be changed?

All systems will have a backup battery in the control panel. All security systems use batteries which wear down over time. When your backup battery is low, your system will indicate a trouble light and ADT will receive a trouble signal. We will then contact you.

How do I order new batteries?

Depending on your maintenance plan, you may be covered for free batteries and shipping. Even if your maintenance plan does not cover batteries, you can order them from us.


To order new batteries either for your wireless device or main backup panel, please call us at 888.ADT.ASAP.


Please not that we do not ship batteries for security systems which are not monitored by ADT.

How do I safely dispose of my old batteries?

Old batteries can either be dropped off at one of our offices or at a recycling centre. Visit to find a recycling centre near you.

How long is my backup battery going to last?

The average backup battery lasts 3-5 years. Under normal conditions the backup battery will recharge on its own. However, the lifespan of a backup battery can be affected by power outages. For example, if you live in an area that experiences multiple power outages, eventually your backup battery might not be able to hold its charge when the power comes back on.

How long is my wireless battery going to last?

The average wireless battery lasts 3 years. Certain sensors that are constantly triggered, such as a motion detector, which works even when the system is not armed, might need to be replaced earlier than that. Window and door contacts are typically used less than motion detectors. We recommend that if you need to replace a battery more often than once per year, please call us as this could mean that the sensor itself is faulty.

How to change the batteries of my system?

All security systems use batteries, which wear down over time. All systems will have a back up battery in the control panel. Information on changing these batteries is listed here. Please look for your system and download the instructions. If you do not see your system listed, or if you have questions about changing your wireless device batteries, please contact our customer service centre at 888.ADT.ASAP.
IMPORTANT: Please notify us when you are changing your batteries as this may send a system tampering signal to our monitoring centres.

What does a low battery light mean?

Your low battery light could be due to either your backup panel battery or a battery from a wireless device.


If your low battery light is due to your backup panel battery, then please check the following to determine the source of the issue.

  • Has there been a power outage in your area? 

    If there has been a power outage, there is a good chance that the alarm panel battery will not need to be replaced since it is rechargeable and should recharge itself when the power comes back on. The backup battery should recharge on it's own within 24-48 hours.

  • Has a breaker been turned off? 

    If you turned off a breaker due to renovations on-site, simply turn the breaker back on and the battery should recharge itself within 24-48 hours.

  • Is the transformer plugged in properly? 

    Please validate that the transformer is firmly plugged into the wall power outlet. If it is, touch the transformer to see if it is warm. If it is cold, it probably means there is a problem with the wall power outlet or the transformer and it will need to be replaced or fixed.


If your low battery light is due to your wireless device, you can change the battery yourself by opening the device and checking what type of battery you have. Batteries for wireless devices can often be purchased at a local hardware store. Be sure to place your system on test before opening your device as this may send a system tampering signal to our monitoring centres.


How can I help avoid false alarm dispatches?

If your alarm is sounding, please call our monitoring station immediately at 888.ADT.ASAP and select option 1, “My alarm is going off now”.

My alarm is beeping. How do I turn off the beeping?

The first thing to do is determine where the beeping is coming from. The beeping could be from the keypad or a life safety device (smoke detector, carbon detector, or heat sensor). No other type of equipment, such as a motion sensor, motion detector or glass break sensor, will beep.


If the beeping is coming from your keypad:

There are three types of beeps which can come from your keypad.


Beep type 1: beep for entry and exit delay.

Beep type 2: trouble beep.

Beep type 3: chime beep.


Beep type 1 and 3 are regular beeps which occur during normal system use. For beep type 2, try disarming your system to see if the beeping stops. If it does not, please call us at 888.ADT.ASAP .


If the beeping is coming from your life safety device:

There are 2 types of beeps which can come from your life safety device – either it could mean there’s a low battery, or it could mean that the device has reached its end-of-life. Please check your User Manual to see which type of beeping you’re hearing and then contact us at 888.ADT.ASAP.

My alarm went off accidentally, but I quickly put in the code and shut it off. I expected a call from ADT but no one called. Why not?

The system allows a brief period for you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the customer monitoring centre. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.


I already have an ADT system that isn’t being monitored, but want to activate it.

If you currently have an ADT system, setting up monitoring can be quick and easy. We may not even have to visit your home. For a system in good condition, we can usually communicate with the system’s control panel right from our offices. This means your home will be protected immediately. Just complete this form and a security expert will contact you with more information on activating your system. Or call us at tfn.

I have a security system from another company that isn’t being monitored and want to activate it with ADT.

ADT monitors most types of security systems and can evaluate the installed system prior to activation at your convenience. Just complete this form and a security expert will contact you to book an appointment for a free evaluation, no obligation. Or call us at tfn to discuss. You can also use the evaluation to add a number of popular options or customize your security and/or home automation system.

I want to cancel my phone landline. What do I need to do?

Good news, with ADT you do not require a landline! Our systems can use cellular to communicate with our monitoring stations.


If you currently have celluar as your primary communication, a landline is not required and you do not need to contact ADT.


If you currently have cellular as your backup communication, a technician will be needed to adjust your programming to one of the following two options.


  • Some telephone providers offer a low-voltage line. This is often cheaper in price, and will allow your system to function.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is an option provided by most internet providers. This is a low-cost alternative to a regular landline that will also support your security system. See below for a list of ADT-approved VoIP providers.
    • Vidéotron
    • Cogeco
    • Rogers/Mountain
    • Shaw
    • Coop Arrière-Pays (C CAP) for installations dated after June 2009
    • Cable Axion
    • Dery Telcom


If you are interested in convertnig your systems to cellular only, please call us at 888.ADT.ASAP. Then press option 2 for "To test your system or to report trouble with your alarm panel" and then press option 1 "for help using your system".

If there’s a problem, can ADT turn my system off?

No, your system is an independent unit and can only be turned off at the control panel from your end.

My video cameras are not capturing new clips. Why not?

Follow these simple steps to make sure your account is recording new video clips:

  1. Log into your account and delete old video clips. You might have reached your monthly limit of video clips storage capacity.
  2. Check your video-capture automation rules to make sure you are not capturing a large amount of unnecessary video clips. For example, are you capturing video clips every time the motion detector is triggered? Instead, consider changing this rule to "Take a video clip each time my motion detector is triggered AND my system is armed."
  3. You also have the option to increase your video recording capacity for an additional fee. If you are interested in this option, please call our Phone Sales team at 888.ADT.ASAP.

There is an end-of-life sticker on my life safety device (smoke, carbon monoxide, or heat sensor). Do I need to do change my device when I reach this date?

The date on the end-of-life sticker is the recommended end-of-life date from the manufacturer for that life safety device. We recommend that you contact ADT once your life safety device reaches its end-of-life date. If your device is beeping prior to its end-of-life date, please call us because the device might need to be changed earlier.

What if my system isn’t working properly?

We’re happy to investigate any problems you’re having with your equipment. Just call us at tfn.


How do I change the Master Code on my keypad?

Please click here to see how to change the Master Code on your keypad.

What happens when I press the panic button or fire alarm button on the keypad?

If you hold the panic button or fire alarm button on the keypad for 1 to 3 seconds, an alarm is transmitted to the monitoring centre and emergency services are dispatched immediately.
This kind of alarm cannot be cancelled.


If my power goes out, will my alarm system still work?

Yes. In case of power failure, the backup battery will activate to maintain alarm protection for several hours. If your battery is low, a low battery signal will be sent to the monitoring centre and you’ll be notified.


How to read your bill?

Emergency Contact List

How do I change the people on my emergency call list?

It’s simple. Just call us at 888.ADT.ASAP with your changes. Have your personal identification code ready in order to make your changes. Make sure to tell everyone on your call list what to do in case they receive a call from ADT.

Interactive Services

What are some of the key features of the ADT Interactive Services app?

  • Your home talks to you: The new ADT Interactive Services user interface (UI) uses a two-way feed, bringing the latest news and keeping the conversation between you and your home or business. The older ADT Interactive Services app was one-sided. The customer would only hear from ADT if there was something was wrong, like an alarm going off. Now, the app allows for an interactive experience.
  • The always-on dashboard tells you what’s happening and gives you the tools to control what happens next. When you first log in, everything that happened in the home will appear under “Home Activity” on the first screen.
  • Quick action: The flat, minimal design incorporates an accordion menu structure which gives you quick access and allows you to take immediate action from any of the menus from the first screen. The navigation is easy as menus are no longer hidden and hard to find.


My invoice is a little higher than I expected. What are the extra charges?

Your first invoice will be pro-rated to reflect the actual start date of your service. There are also instances of federal, provincial and municipal taxes that may affect your invoice.

When my system was installed, I wrote a cheque to ADT but it's not reflected in my first bill. Is there a problem?

Sometimes because of billing cycles, your first bill is issued before the payment has been posted. The payment will appear on your next bill. If not, call us at tfn.


If I move, will I have to pay to put a security system in my new house?

If there’s already an ADT or other compatible security system installed in the house you’re moving into, then no. However, if you need a new system or want to enhance an existing one, simply call us at tfn to find out what offers are available to you at your new home.

I’m an existing customer who’s moving. How do I continue protecting my new home with ADT?

Not only can you keep the security you love, but you’ll be well on your way to turning your home into a smart home with ADT Interactive Services. Remotely arm and disarm your system, get text and email alerts, and know what’s happening at home – all from your smartphone. Make your move with ADT today. Call us at tfn.

I’m not a customer, but there’s already an ADT system installed at my new home. What can I do?

Call us at tfn to discuss your options including activating an ADT Interactive Services package!*
*Applies to ADT Interactive Services Remote, Control, Video Lite, Video Service levels only. Terms and conditions


Can I extend my warranty?

Yes. ADT offers a special Extended Limited Warranty which will cover the repair of replacement costs of the equipment for just a few dollars each month. To get the Quality Service Plan for your ADT system, call us at tfn.


Who is responsible for testing my security system?

You are. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your system is in good working order. Ideally, you should test it every month. It’s easy to test your system. Just refer to your owner handbook. If you have interactive services, depending on the type, you can also test directly from the keypad itself. If your system isn’t working properly, call us at tfn.