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The future of security is already here: ADT Smart Generation panel

The way you interact with your home is about to change. Imagine a 7” wall panel with an edge-to-edge touchscreen that’s both intuitive and easy to use. Imagine the smallest and most advanced alarm system on the market.

It’s the kind of technology you see in the movies


Running on Google’s Android OS, the ADT Smart Generation panel boasts a 5mp onboard camera, dual-path connectivity, and remote services powered by So, wherever you are, you can have better control over your home and your energy costs.


Video surveillance – See what your family is up to in real time while you’re at work or running errands. Plus, you can even choose record events at set times (for instance, your kids coming in from school).


Wi-fi doorbell – Order that gotta-have dress online and receive a notification when it arrives at your door. With the ADT Smart Generation panel, every time your doorbell is pressed, a signal is sent directly to your device. Plus, you can speak to the person standing on your doorstep via the built-in speaker.


Door lock – You also have the option to remotely unlock your door and allow entry to the delivery person – or dog walker or even your mother-in-law. Your door will lock automatically as soon you reactivate your system. All of this means less keys and more control over who has access to your home.


Lighting, electrical & thermostat – Get the house ready before the kids (or yourself) arrive home. Turn on the lights, adjust the heating (or the air conditioning) and even turn on small appliances like a slow-cooker.


Garage door opener – Are you expecting house guests? Open (and then close) the garage door remotely, so they can park their car safely inside. The system can even send a notification when your garage door is opened without prompting.

You’ll never look at your home in the same way again


We’ve just scratched the surface of everything ADT Smart Generation panel has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about how you can launch your home into the future, call us or check our product page.