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The ultimate smart home at your Command

Remember when the dream of a smart home – with wireless connections to all your devices and creature comforts – seemed so futuristic?


With ADT Canada’s latest innovation in home security, the future has arrived. ADT Command is the most complete, adaptable and easy-to-use smart home security solution ever offered to Canadian consumers.

A smart home that fits YOUR life.

ADT Command helps you create a wireless smart home system customized to your needs. Today, you look to your home security system for convenience as well as safety. Set up automations, like turning lights on and off, regulate temperature, unlock doors and more with ADT Command. Create “scenes” that will automate a series of smart features. Love hanging out at home for movie nights? Create a movie scene that dims your lights and turns the thermostat to the perfect temperature. Want a gentle weekday morning wake-up call? Have the blinds open and the lights come on. And, forget about losing – or even using – keys. Lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone. More than just security, ADT Command equals comfort and convenience!

Meet the centre of your smart home universe.

The ADT Command panel is dynamic and intuitive. The 7-inch wireless touchscreen panel is packed with home automation capabilities and endless possibilities. It features battery back-up in case of a power outage and built-in LTE to communicate with ADT even if your home network is down. ADT Command controls your entire security system and peripheral devices, conveniently and all in one place. Quite simply, it’s Command central for your home. And, when you’re not home, remote accessing your wireless smart home system with our Control app is quick and easy. Arm your system and control your thermostat, lights, door locks and garage door from anywhere.

Modern and innovative.


The ADT Command panel provides convenience and mobility. Even if wall-mounted, you can bring the lightweight 7-inch wireless touchscreen anywhere throughout your house. It’s so sleek, attractive and user-friendly, you’ll be proud to have it on display in your new smart home.

Really smart. Really simple.


If you love cutting-edge technology, you’re going to love ADT Command. This system was designed for everyone to use. With ADT Command, you no longer have to be a tech whiz to own a smart home. It’s now easier than ever to integrate home automation products and smart devices to make your life simpler, better, more cost effective and all under your control whether you’re at home or away. As Canada’s largest provider of smart home security, we’ve listened to our customers, and made ADT Command a user-friendly panel you’ll enjoy. It even includes how-to videos right in your ADT Command panel, so help is always right at hand.

Perfectly private.


The ADT Command system helps ensure your privacy with advanced SiX™ two-way encryption technology. It provides a double-secure, stable connection for all your devices and a longer battery life. Multiple wireless solutions can be used, so that your system setup is a snap. Plus, there are security safeguards you will really appreciate. For example, previous smart home systems might send you a notification that your security system has been disarmed. With ADT Command, a photo of the person who disarmed your system can be sent to your phone. These photos are also private and stored only in your personal panel.

We’re always watching out for you.


Like the idea of video monitoring your home at all times? Watch live or recorded feeds from your smart video cameras on your TV, tablet, smartphone, even your smart watch. When it’s late at night and you hear something at the back door, it can be unnerving. But don’t get up…safely tune in to the live feed and see what’s happening.

Welcome home.


Geo-fencing allows you to set a perimeter around your home, so that your ADT Command can sense your GPS location and impending arrival. Let ADT Command welcome you home with a well-lit house that’s set at the ideal temperature. We will even open the door for you with smart locks.

Is a smart home in your future?


If you are curious about smart home technology, you’re not alone. Over 80% of Canadian consumers are aware of home automation products, and almost 60% have expressed interest in purchasing at least one home automation product. [1]


While many want the benefits of home automation, some worry it requires a great deal of technical savvy and/or money. ADT Command makes home automation, with internet-connected devices and remote monitoring, easy and affordable. Your Command panel was created to allow you to seamlessly add components. It’s the all-in-one automation solution for all the security and convenience of a smart home, including:

  • Smart Key Fob with no codes to memorize (simply press “disarm” on your key fob instead of tapping in your code).
  • Panic button that instantly alerts your ADT monitoring centre if you’re ever in danger at home.
  • Motion sensors especially designed to recognize your pet’s movements and help ensure they don’t trigger a false alarm.
  • Smart thermostat for comfort, energy and cost savings.
  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors connected to our monitoring centres.
  • Smart lights to help keep you secure and save energy.

Always there, always alert, always at your service!


ADT trained professionals can come to your home and set it all up for you, integrating your devices into your Command system. They can test everything to ensure it is working properly, and guide you so you are ready to use it on day one.


Still dreaming about a smart home? Make your dream an affordable reality with ADT Command. Call us at 888 ADT.ASAP for a free quote today.


[1] NPD Group “Emergence of the Smart Home”


SiX™ Two-Way Wireless Technology trademark. © 2019 Resideo International Inc.