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How to avoid false alarms

An open door, a forgotten code, a cat jumping onto furniture… 80% of false alarms are easily avoidable occurrences often caused by users themselves. In some cities, dispatching police for an unfounded reason is punishable by a fine, payable by the property owner.  ADT offers you specific services (some of which are free if you have an ADT security system) to avoid this inconvenience.


4 effective services to avoid false alarms… and unforeseen costs!

1.  Enhanced Call Verification service

Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) is a free procedure that enables our monitoring centre to reach you by phone at a secondary number in case of a burglary alarm.

  • When the signal is received, we call your residence to verify what triggered the alarm.
  • If there is no answer, we try to reach you at another number, such as your cell or work phone, before we call the police.
  • You can then ask for the police to be sent or not.

Subscribe for free to Enhanced Call Verification service.

2. Alarm cancellation

Our monitoring centres are at your service 24/7. If you trigger the alarm then cancel it by entering a valid user code in the moments that follow, you will receive an automated call from the monitoring centre confirming that the alarm has been cancelled. The automated call will allow you to speak to an agent in case of an actual emergency.

If you prefer, you can still ask a live agent to intervene directly, regardless of the type of alarm, and even if it has been cancelled.

3. Two-way voice response

With two-way voice response, in case of alarm, one of our agents establishes communication with your home and quickly evaluates the situation. This efficient service makes it possible to easily avoid false alarms.

4. Interactive video monitoring

Wherever you are, watch over your home in real time via the Internet or your smartphone thanks to interactive video monitoring. You can record events at fixed times or when the system detects movement, ensuring you peace of mind!