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False Alarms & Burnt Thanksgiving Dinners


5 tips for a safe Thanksgiving 


Tip #1: Make sure your smoke detector’s battery works
Having fresh batteries helps ensure a fully functioning smoke detector to monitor your home while you’re busy preparing the dinner. Best to keep your focus on making sure everything is ready in time for your guests’ arrival than on fire prevention! We’ll worry about that for you.


Tip #2: Keep a fire extinguisher nearby 
To help keep your nerves at ease, how about investing in a home fire extinguisher? In case of a small fire, you have something near you to quickly put it out. If the fire gets out of control, be sure to evacuate your home as quickly as possible, and we’ll take care of it from there! 


Tip #3: Don’t leave your stove unattended 
You might get side-tracked at any moment and your food may get too hot, triggering your smoke detectors. Avoid the false alarm altogether and make sure to keep stirring! Involve your family in the process to give you more hands on deck, and to have some fun bonding. 


Tip #4: Check on your food in the oven 
Got a delicious pumpkin pie in the oven? Don’t let it get too crisp that you can no longer enjoy it! Turn the oven light on or open the oven-door once in a while to make sure it gets to that perfect golden colour we all love. 


Tip #5: See who’s at the door, and enjoy Thanksgiving together!
Too busy at the stove and no one heard the bell but you? No worries! Quickly check who’s at the door from your smartphone! With ADT’s smart doorbell, you can see who’s at the door and let them in from your kitchen to enjoy Thanksgiving together. 


False fire alarms

It’s not uncommon for all-day cooking to cause a false alarm by activating your smoke detector. To prevent both false alarms and a possible fire, ensure that your oven is clean before using it. Turkey fires are a cause for concern over the holidays and people should be mindful when cooking anything for an extended period. In the event of fire, turn the oven off, keep the oven door closed, dial 911 and follow the call-taker's instructions. If you do accidently initiate a false alarm (there is no fire) then please contact our monitoring centre at 888.ADT.ASAP and select Option 1 to report a false alarm. Also, check and test your smoke detectors on a regular basis, and make sure the batteries are still functional.

Traveling for the long weekend? 

The person you have asked to watch over your house may forget his or her passcode and trigger a false alarm. To prevent this occurrence, make sure that all visitors know their passcode and are aware of how to operate your alarm system before you leave. Visitors must also know what to do if the alarm is activated by mistake. 

You can also watch over your home while you’re away and not ask a friend to do it for you. Find out how you can spend a worry-free long weekend with ADT’s video surveillance, and keep an eye on your home! Another option is to subscribe to our Guard Response Service. If a false alarm is activated, you may suffer from costly fines. To help you avoid these, ADT can send a uniformed guard to perform a perimeter check to confirm the validity of the alarm. If it’s false, we won’t dispatch emergency services, and you won’t pay heavy fines!

If you plan to travel, please inform us so that we may temporarily update your contact information and dispatch procedures. To do so, call us at 888.ADT.ASAP to update your information.