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The importance of having monitored smoke detectors

Don't let safety slip your mind. Home fires pose a real threat, taking the lives of more than 350 Canadians each year1.


Monitored smoke detectors are a vital safety device to help protect your home, family and pets. Did you know...

Home fires and monitored smoke detectors

Most fires occur at night, when people are sleeping. If you are in a deep sleep on the second floor of your home and a fire breaks out in the basement or first floor, the beeping of an unmonitored alarm may not wake you. This means you may not have the time to get your family out safely or have ample time to call for help. What if you are already succumbing to smoke inhalation? One quarter of home fire deaths result from fires in homes in which smoke detectors are present, but fail to operate2.

Smoke detectors require maintenance


Smoke detectors should be placed outside every bedroom, in hallways, and on every story of your home. To ensure they work properly they require regular testing and cleaning, as well as replacement of both batteries and the unit. When a retail smoke detector's battery needs changing, it will sound with a battery alert. Often, people shut off their detector to stop the beeping and then forget about it. While monitored detectors still require battery changes, you will receive reminders from us.

Monitored smoke detectors = savings


Insurance companies may offer discounted rates to homes with a monitored smoke detector service*. Monitored smoke detectors can help prevent substantial loss in situations that a non-monitored smoke detector simply cannot. A fire can rob you of your possessions, from valuables like furniture, art and jewelry to irreplaceable photographs.

Peace of mind? Priceless!


Our sophisticated smoke detectors will sound at the first signs of a fire. Our monitoring centre receives signals and we are able to alert you and your fire department. We will contact emergency services, so that vital first response help is on its way. Your alarm does not need to be armed for your monitored detector to communicate with our monitoring centre. We offer 24/7 professional monitoring, whether you are at home or not, even during power failures. How can a retail smoke detector possibly compare?


Why put the safety of your home, your family, pets and possessions at risk? Call us today at 888 ADT.ASAP to talk to one of our security experts about our affordable monitored smoke detectors.


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[2] National Fire Protection Association

*Insurance savings vary. Check with your insurance company and ask about discounts.