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Is your home flood-proof?


Over the years most homeowners can expect to experience at least one form of water damage to their home. It could be the washing machine hose that splits, pipes that freeze and burst, the dishwasher that leaks, a toilet that overflows, or a water heater that fails. Any one of these events can lead to expensive property damage, and destruction of personal belongings such as photographs, furniture or computer data – items that are often irreplaceable.


The Insurance Information Institute1 offers some hard facts:

  • Nearly half of all insurance claims are due to water damage and freezing.
  • About one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year.
  • The average claim related to water damage is nearly $9,000.


Why is it so important to take preventative action? A water leak can often go undetected for hours, for example while you are sleeping or are away at work. As time passes, a slow leak can cause extensive damage to your home and personal belongings. In severe cases you might have to face unexpected inconveniences and costs like having to relocate, replacing damaged items and most importantly, dealing with the health problems from the mould and mildew caused by the water damage. If you’ve made a significant investment in your home theatre, play room, guest room or laundry room, the damage could add up to thousands.


How ADT can help


24/7 flood monitoring from ADT Canada is your best weapon to help prevent losses due to water damage. Here’s how flood monitoring works:

  • A small device known as a “flood detector” is installed close to sources of potential water leaks like behind your water tank, dishwasher, or washing machine.
  • The moment the flood detector comes in contact with water, it sends a signal to your alarm panel which then relays the information to our monitoring centres as a “flood alarm.”
  • Our operators will contact you and/or your emergency call list to alert you of the flood alarm.


So call today to help avoid coming home to a disastrous surprise due to a water leak. Call 888.ADT.ASAP to learn more about flood monitoring from ADT Canada, the most trusted name in the security industry.


[1] Insurance Information Institute