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Login Screen

  1. Simply register by clicking Register Today if this is your first visit
    1. Ensure you have the primary phone number of the monitored location
    2. Ensure you have your verbal Personal Identification Code or Account Number
  2. Access your account by entering your email address/account number
  3. Press Continue



The dashboard is the main hub of the portal, containing a snapshot of all your information in one handy view.


The section called:

  • PROFILE - Add/edit details about yourself including contact information
  • LOCATIONS - Lists all locations that belong to you
  • CONTACTS - Lists the emergency contacts for the selected locations
  • MY BILL - View your bill and details about your bill cycle here
  • MY SYSTEM - This section contains information about the primary system such as location, system name, central station number, a link to the manual for the system and the last 10 monitored activities at the location.


My System

The My System section has 5 areas in which you can navigate to manage your system

  1. System Overview 
    Shows you the same information as the overview screen on the dashboard.
  2. Emergency Contacts 
    This displays your Emergency contact list.
  3. Alarm Activity
    This allows you to view your alarm system events, such as signals, notification history, Tests and more.
    • To view your activity, click on alarm activity and scroll through the various pages
  4. System test 
    This allows you to place your account on test mode and avoid ADT notifying authorities or emergency contacts in the event alarms are triggered.
    • To place your system on test
      1. Click System on Test and it will default for a 1 hour test
    • To remove a system from test
      1. Simply click on Stop Test
  5. Insurance Certificate
    Allows you to download a PDF document that proves security coverage in the event your homeowner insurance company provides a discount.
    • To download a PDF document
      1. Simply, click on Proof of Insurance PDF


My Account

In this section, you can view your billing information, make payments, download a copy of your invoice, change payment methods and even sign up for Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

  • Invoices
    1. To see a history of your invoices, click on Invoices
    2. click on View PDF
    3. To pay, click on Pay Now
  • Pay Bill
    1. Select your payment method or change to Pre-authorized Payments
    2. Click Continue, and review the payment amount is correct
    3. Select the appropriate pay date, and click continue
    4. Review the final payment information and click Submit
  • Payment Methods
    1. To Add, Edit or Delete a payment method, simply click on Payment Methods
    2. Click on either Add, Edit or Delete the payment method
    3. If needed, ensure you have your banking information readily available


My Locations

In this section, you have access to view all of your ADT secured locations

  • To edit your primary and/or secondary home phone number, simply click on the pencil icon to update.


My Profile

In this section, you can update:

  • Name of your online account
  • Email address that is used to log into this account
  • Password for this account
  • Security questions for this account


Submit a Request

Looking for a new yard sign or window decal? You may order ADT window decals & Yard Signs for free right here. We would happily ship them directly to you. In this section, we can also help with requests for system upgrades, requesting a call or visit from one of our Authorized ADT representatives or if you’re moving. We’re here to help

  • To request ADT Window Decals & Yard Signs
    1. Click on Yard Signs & Stickers
  • To add or upgrade your security
    1. Click on Add/Upgrade your System
  • To receive a support call or visit
    1. Click on Support Call/Visit
  • To advise ADT that you are moving
    1. Click on Moving to a New Address